3 Common Advertising Myths Debunked

By March 7, 2016Vehicle Wraps


Just like any other topic, when it comes to advertising, you hear a lot of silly things said by people who really haven’t looked deeply into how successful businesses grow. Being in the advertising industry for almost 20 years, we have seen our fair share of misleading statements that, if believed, can really set a business back. And since we want to help businesses in every industry thrive, below are a few examples of these “myths” and the actual truth behind them.

Myth #1: “You can always save money by having someone you know design your logo”

The Truth:

While having your artistic brother who dabbles in photoshop draw a logo for you will save money in the short term…remember that YOUR LOGO IS YOUR FIRST AND SOMETIMES ONLY IMPRESSION TO THE BUYING PUBLIC!

Would you show up to a big job interview wearing something your mom threw together? So why be so haphazard about the look of your entire organization for years to come? It will cost you in the long run in terms of all the people who don’t want to buy from a cheap-looking company.

Make sure you are working with a professional who can research your industry, your target market, your sustainable competitive advantage, and use all this as well as his artistic expertise to create something that will make the best impression every time.

Myth #2: “You don’t need a vehicle wrap but can just get logos or magnets on your doors and be fine”

The Truth:

True, if you just get door logos, you will be fine…if you don’t want anyone bugging you with their pesky business! But seriously, there are businesses out there that simply do not want to grow…and then they die.

When it comes to your company vehicles, what kind of message are you sending your potential customers when they can see that you clearly don’t want to spend money to get their attention or earn their business? IF they even see you…and that’s a huge “if”.

Myth #3: “We can’t afford a wrap anytime soon but hope to be some day”

The Truth:

The statistics clearly show that vehicle wraps are the most effective form of outdoor advertising out there!

Effective Advertising = Mass Lead Generation = $$$ = More Effective Advertising = Even More Leads…you get the picture.

Vehicle wraps pay for themselves, and now with our financing options they are always affordable.

You will notice that all three of these myths were based on budgeting and saving money. Now we aren’t telling you to go out there and spend money and accrue debt like you’re Bernie Sanders who just got voted in as POTUS!


Every business owner should be tracking every penny they spend and replacing or removing any expenditures that aren’t delivering or contributing to a healthy ROI. But instead of giving into an irrational fear of risk and just spending money in general, you should rationally explore your options within the realm of effective advertising.

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