6 Keys to Better SEO

By April 11, 2016Vehicle Wraps

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essentially the process of making your site more recognizable to search engines, so that your page is at the top of the results when your industry is entered into a search bar. SEO is an extremely difficult task and requires constant changes and updating because search engines and their algorithms are always changing. There are companies whose only service is providing SEO for other companies. If you are looking to get your SEO jump started, here are 6 key tips that anyone can use to improve their SEO.

1. Keywords

Keywords will always be important. Make sure to include keywords and phrases in your copy, but make sure that they fit in the copy. If your verbiage seems disjointed or awkward, this could actually hurt your SEO.

2. Metadata

The metadata is the information that will show up on a search engine. These should be clear, concise, and include a keyword or two.

3. Code

Clean coding, or coding in the simplest way without extra, unnecessary elements will allow your site to function more quickly. The browser will also have an easier time reading your site.

4. Media

Optimized images etc. take up as little space as possible while still showing up properly and clearly. This will ensure the least amount of space on your server is used, which will allow your site to perform at its optimum potential. Search engines recognize whether a site is performing well or not. The faster and more intuitive your site, the better your rank for a search engine.

5. Crosslinking

Organic (not paid) crosslinks to other, reputable sites and social media throughout your site increase your credibility to both viewers as well as search engines.

6. Content

New content shows search engines that your site is an active site, which increases your rankings. Blogs are a great way to constantly add new content without flooding your server with new pages.

If you want a web presence but don’t have a massive budget, or you just want to make sure that whoever is taking care of your SEO is at least covering the basics, these six steps are where to start.

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