The Quick Scoop on Vehicle Wraps

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Quick-Scoop-BannerWhat is a vehicle wrap?

A vehicle wrap is a vinyl adhesive that can be custom designed, printed, and sticks to the body of your vehicle so neatly that it looks like a paint job. Companies in every industry use vehicle wraps to advertise their goods or services and grow their business.

Fact: A vehicle wrap typically lasts 3-5 years and actually preserves the paint on a vehicle.

Why should I buy a vehicle wrap?

A vehicle wrap is an innovation in advertising because it turns every moment you are driving your vehicle or leaving it parked somewhere into a money-making opportunity. Talk about an easy, versatile, and effective marketing strategy! It literally works while you are just working…no sales pitch or bugging people required.

Fact: Statistics show that vehicle wraps are by far the most effective form of advertising. 

How much do vehicle wraps cost?

A vehicle wrap can cost anywhere from $500 to $5000, it all depends on the size of your vehicle and how much of it you are looking to cover. If designed and wrapped correctly, your vehicle will get noticed everywhere it goes, and will easily pay for itself and generate revenue for years to come.

Fact: It is more expensive to not have a vehicle wrap because of all the selling opportunities you will miss out on.

Where can I get my vehicle wrapped?

Fact: Cortez Visual is the number-one provider of vehicle wraps in the Valley. 

Fact: Cortez Visual been designing vehicle wraps for local companies since ‘97! 

Fact: Cortez Visual only uses 3M-certified materials that come with the longest lasting warranties

Fact: Cortez Visual has by far the most impressive portfolio filled with world-famous designs. 

Fact: Cortez Visual designers are well-trained in the art of vehicle advertising and do not stop the design process until you are stoked out of your mind by the design.

Who can I call to get started?

Call us! Our number is listed at the top of the page.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Vehicle Wrap Design

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When it comes to designing vehicle wraps, a lot of clients say,“You guys are the experts, just make it look good!”  Even though most designers appreciate the ego boost as well as having free reign on the design, there should be much more to the discussion and the discussion should continue as proofs are being sent over for feedback. Below are some important considerations to guide this discussion.

CheckmarkDo make sure the wrap design emphasizes your logo

The wrap should be designed in a way that draws the eye to the logo so that there’s no questioning which company is being advertised. Make sure the logo has a stark contrast in color to background elements otherwise it could be lost in a sea of color. Also make sure the logo is prominently scaled up and front and center on the sides and rear of the vehicle, your most visible areas. Lastly, everything on the wrap should be consistent with the logo as far as its colors, fonts, and patterns.

X'sDon’t lose your point in a sea of information

When it comes to company information on your vehicle wrap, less is more. The last thing passers bys need is a reading assignment. Make sure that your key elements are included such as your logo, your phone number, and your website and this should be enough to make an impression when designed properly. Remember you want the viewer to be intrigued enough to learn more on their own and know exactly where to go to to do so.

CheckmarkDo make it an effective advertising piece

It is important to keep in mind that this wrap will not just be an art piece but an advertising piece. What’s the difference? An advertising piece has a clear objective in regards to the target audience and emphasizes certain elements according to that objective. So if a lot of people notice your wrapped vehicle and even admire it, that does not necessarily mean they will remember who you are and what you do, let alone take action.   

X'sDon’t use a dated logo

Your wrap design can only be as strong as your logo. Make sure that your logo is fully up-to-date and you are completely satisfied with where it’s at visually because it will be prominently displayed on your vehicles for years to come. Also as already explained it will be one of the key impression points on your wrap, and you want it to be memorable, professional, and instill trust in the viewer. If your logo looks old, cheesy, sloppy, or just plain ugly then your company will look out of touch and not relevant in today’s market.

CheckmarkDo have a call to action on your wrap

Going back to the objective of your vehicle wrap, it is necessary to determine which behavior in the target viewer you want to incite. Almost always it is to have the viewer purchase your product or service. Therefore, the call to action should be crafted in a way that reflects the most practical and straight-forward way for them to do this. For example, if most of your sales take place on your website then you want to enthusiastically invite them to visit your website.

X'sDon’t use low quality photos in your wrap

Perhaps you would like to use your own photography in your wrap. For example, if you are a catering company, you might have enticing photos of delicious dishes you would like to be known for. Now this is not as simple as simply taking a picture with your phone because once that picture is scaled up, printed, and placed on the side of your vehicle, it will look very blurry and bland. Therefore you need to either use stock photography or professional photography, both of which should be provided by the design team.

Many design companies can draw a pretty picture but do they see the big picture? These basic guidelines are perfect in helping you find out which wrap company understands the principles of design AND advertising and this is the wrap company you want to work with. 

Insider’s Guide to Buying Vehicle Wraps

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Vehicle wraps are the most effective form of advertising and can be a very profitable multi-year investment for your business IF you choose the right wrap company. If you choose the wrong company, you could end up driving around one ugly and costly mistake for years!

So how do you know which company to choose?

Don’t stress, your local wrap experts here at Cortez Visual got you covered. 

Below are 5 key questions to ask when shopping for a quality vehicle wrap for your company:

1. What kind of materials do you use?

Many companies offer ridiculously low-priced wraps because they use off-brand materials but you will definitely get what you pay for in how it looks and how long it lasts. The highest quality vinyl adhesive on the market hands down is 3M Control Tac. Some companies use 3M Control Tac but skimp on the inks and laminates they use, so make sure to ask them about those as well. 

2. Do you offer warranties on your wraps?

The word warranty gets thrown around a lot but don’t just take someone’s word for it. Ask them to send proof of their warranty. Because 3M is the leading provider of wrap materials, they actually certify companies to offer what’s called the MCS warranty. This means that 3M inspects the wrap company every year to make sure they are using only the highest quality vinyl, inks, and laminates and can therefore offer the longest warranty periods on their wraps.

3. How long has your company been in business?

Wrap companies come and go every year so make sure that if you are making a multi-year investment with a company, they are actually gonna be there the entire duration of your wrap.

Also, installing wraps is a finely tuned skill that requires years to master so make sure your wrap is going to be another masterpiece by a team of experienced installers rather than a guinea pig for a novice installer to learn on. 

4. How does your design process work?

So many companies pride themselves on providing quality wrap materials and installs but then you look at their website and realize they have forgotten the most important part: DESIGN. View each company’s portfolio and ask yourself if this company can be trusted with your company’s image. Also, ask the company how much design time and/or rounds of proofs is included with each wrap as well as what their general approach to design is. Remember, this will be your company’s most visible and longest lasting piece of advertising so if they don’t sound like they have a firm grasp on the principles of design and advertising, kick them to the curb!

5. Are you a one-stop shop?

Obviously you can’t visit all the businesses you are calling but you can ask them if they will be doing the design, print, and install all under one roof. Of course, they can lie and say they do but then it will be extremely awkward when you visit their location mid-project and it’s an abandoned tool shed! Also, ask them if they offer any other services so you can develop a strategic relationship for all your advertising needs. Finding a reliable one-stop shop for quality advertising will save your company so much time, money, and headaches year after year.

Hopefully, by now you feel relaxed and fully-armed with an insider’s knowledge to make the best buying decision. You are already on the right track by choosing to invest in vehicle wrap advertising. Use these 5 questions to bring that same strategic thinking to choosing a wrap company. Happy shopping!

December Wrap of the Month

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Wrap of the Month: United Dairymen Wall Mural

This month we chose to showcase this two-wall mural we did for United Dairymen out of Tempe. The wrap itself not only looks incredible but there’s an interesting story behind the design process. The good folks at United Dairymen were initially working with another design company but upon briefing their designers on the project did not feel they were up for the challenge. They ended up calling our company and after discussing the project with our design team and seeing our portfolio they knew we could bring their ideas to life. The design was to capture the deeply rooted local history of the company and have that flow gracefully into the relevant company it is today. There were a lot of pictures, facts, and quotes provided to build an educational yet beautiful depiction of the evolution of the company since its inception.

Below is a full shot of the mural.


Top 3 Reasons to Finance Your Advertising

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At Cortez Visual, we are always trying to find ways to help local business owners. We do everything we can to provide the best looking branding and spread it across all platforms. We also understand that every client is different in their needs, goals, and budget. We now offer financing on all our products and services so that our clients can take advantage of the following benefits:

1. Financing makes success more affordable

We know there’s a right way and a wrong way to advertise and we do everything we can to steer clients toward the right way. But sometimes businesses simply don’t have the cash to create an effective branding experience right away. By financing their advertising, they can see effective advertising for what it is: an investment necessary for their business to compete with more established competitors that will more than pay for itself by growing their client base.

2. Financing makes more sense for vehicle wraps

A lot of companies purchase new vehicles and then pay them off monthly. This way they can get all the tax benefits of the purchase without having to tie up all their cash in the vehicle. Now you can do the same with the wrap on the vehicle. You can write off the total amount on the vehicle wrap and then pay it off monthly over a period of up to 60 months. The most practical thing to do would be to pay it off over the 3 year period that our vehicle wraps are warrantied for.

3. Financing frees up cash for other internal improvements

We understand that their is much more to building a successful company than having the best-looking advertising. One of the keys to wisely investing in your company is to not put all your eggs in one basket but rather spread your funds over a wide array of winning strategies. Financing your advertising frees up more cash for you to spend on those other areas of your business that require improvement.

Click here to learn more about the benefits of financing and how you can get pre-qualified today.

5 Great Ways to Invest Your 2015 Surplus

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Falling-MoneyBelieve it or not, another business year is quickly coming to a close. If you have already reviewed your company’s finances over the last 12 months and know you are ending the year in the black, congrats on your success! This article is for you!

You now have a surplus that you probably want to put back into your company because you want to keep growing, and you don’t want to pay through the nose in taxes. You may also be overwhelmed with the options of what to do with your money. Here are 5 great ways to invest that money in a successful 2016.

1. Vehicle Wraps

Surprise! Surprise! Vehicle wraps are listed first. But the statistics clearly show that vehicle wraps are by far the most effective form of outdoor advertising. Also, your business is most likely buying new vehicles this time of year, and you can typically include the wrap in your lease with the dealership, or finance the wrap separately. Either way, nothing will build up your brand presence and customer base faster this next year than a brand new fleet of wrapped vehicles driving all over town. To learn more about our vehicle wrap options click here.

2. Website

ALL advertising should lead the customer back to your website. Why? Because in today’s market, more than 70% of shoppers go online to explore options before making a buying decision. Therefore, it is crucial that your website is professionally designed to visually wow the customer, educate them, and entice them to take action by calling you or filling out a form. If you don’t feel like your website is ranking high in search results or strategically leading the prospect through each of these stages right when they get to your site, then you could be losing out on a lot of business. You want to enter 2016 with a strong web presence and we can help you! Click here to find out how.

3. Wall Murals

When a client or prospective client walks into your place of business, wouldn’t you like them to be greeted with something beautiful, something inspiring, or something that’s just plain fun? Why wouldn’t you want something that gives your company that little bit of personality to soar above the competition in the customer’s mind? What about your employees? Do they work in just another lifeless office? Give them something nicer to look at then just a blank wall all day. You don’t leave the walls in your house bare, so why have bare walls at work? A wall mural can create an exciting buying experience for new clients and boost employee morale by getting rid of the common workplace “institutional” feel. What a great Christmas present! Check out our large format page to get some great great ideas.

4. Window Graphics

When people drive by your business do they even know you’re there? If so do they know what you do? Of course every building is different and there are regulations on how much signage you can display but there’s typically no limit to what can go on your storefront windows. Why not grab people’s attention and scream who you are to the neighborhood. At least make it easy to find your place when people are already heading over. Park a wrapped vehicle in front of your building and you have an even more powerful street presence. This next year make sure that even if people don’t buy from you right away, they always know where to find you. You can find some great examples of this in our portfolio.

5. Updated Branding

When you go to the gym in January, you learn that everyone has the same New Year’s resolution: look better. It should be same for your company and the whole look and feel of all your marketing materials depends on your logo. Does it look outdated? Cheesy? You don’t ever want to appear out of touch or unwilling to bring your A game to each new business year. If you are unsure about it, our company offers free logo consultations. That way you can get some solid feedback and decide if it’s time for an improvement. Click here to learn more about our branding process.

So remember…whenever there is money leftover at the end of the year there are plenty of ways to invest it in making your company much more profitable and your brand much more memorable in the upcoming business year.

Drive Through Jurassic Park Past and Present

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As with much of America right now, we are getting pumped for the opening of the newest edition to the classic Jurassic Park series, Jurassic World. The original installments to the series used incredible graphics and production to create an amazing cinematic experience lightyears ahead of the their respective time periods. They have been enjoyed and feared by all ages since then. It looks like Jurassic World will be no different.

One aspect of the films has drawn our attention here at Cortez Visual — their vehicles, and more specifically the wraps used to create the iconic vehicles such as the dinosaur patterned Ford Explorers in the first Jurassic Park and the camo Mercedes SUV’s in The Lost World. It looks like there will be some more wrapped vehicles in Jurassic World. Check out all of the iconic vehicles driven and destroyed throughout the series.