Branding Lesson #1: Consistency is Key

By April 4, 2016Vehicle Wraps

Have we mentioned we love branding an not just vehicle wraps? What we love most about the art of branding, is that it is such a simple way for our clients to rise above their competition. Once a few principles are understood and held to vigorously, your advertising ROI will explode. The most important principle of branding for business owners and marketers to understand is consistency and we will discuss a few ways to accomplish this.

1. The Logo

Your logo, as has been explained elsewhere, is the visual anchor of your brand, so any exposure to your company should always be accompanied by your logo. This means it should be the main visual feature of your vehicle wraps, business cards, website, and marketing collateral. The logo should always be prominent, legible, and of the same exact font and color scheme. You should also strive to keep the logo of the same size relative to the rest of your content. For example, you wouldn’t want your logo to be a giant blown up a banner across your homepage only to have it as a footnote on your mailer. Ultimately, any time someone thinks of your company, they should visualize your logo because it has always been the same and front and center.

2. The Message

Until you know why people buy from you, you will never know how to get people to buy from you. This “why” is called your unique selling proposition, or your sustainable competitive advantage, and once you know what it is you should be screaming it from the rooftops! You should be building all marketing and advertising campaigns around it. All these campaigns should be very consistent in not only what they are saying about your company, but how they are saying it. You should be using the same buzzwords, analogies, case studies, or characters to teach the public why you are the best at what you do.

3. The Process

We are all creatures of habit, and ritual is what preserves all human societies. Therefore one of the keys to effective branding is to make sure that the customer has a consistently positive experience in every transaction with your company. Ideally, they will call in and hear the same familiar voice of someone well-versed in their story and needs. They will visit your same location where they will be greeted by the same people, offered the same courtesies (something to drink?), and go through the same seamless and well-defined procedure in purchasing your product or service. 

These are just a few things to think about as you are evaluating your company and looking for ways to build up your brand image. The goal isn’t to fool people into thinking you are better than you really are but to find what you are best at and play on those strengths over…and over..and over…

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