Color, Emotion, and Your Branding

By March 14, 2016Vehicle Wraps


What is your favorite color? This is a question that we heard all the time as kids, and we even still get this question from time to time as adults from kids or weirdos.

Color is something that influences our daily lives, especially in our purchasing decisions. It evokes emotion that leads to real action. This is why colors are so important in branding efforts.

So, which colors influence which emotions? Below is a chart of the emotions that most commonly go with each color according to the latest research.

Figure out which feelings you want to call forth in viewers of your branding and then use this chart as a reference for what colors will help you best accomplish this. Once you have this as a starting point, you can branch out into many different color variations and combinations.


Keep in mind that certain colors may provide different meanings in different industries so you may want to veer from the chart a bit and use your experience and common sense to come up with the best color palette. For example, a landscaping company may want to show confidence and friendliness with orange, but that might not communicate correctly, because customers may associate green with those feelings for a landscaping firm. In this case, the company would want to use both green and orange to achieve the desired branding effect in their vehicle wraps for their company.

It is important to consider all of these factors when designing your branding and this research provides a good starting point.

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