The Do’s and Don’ts of Vehicle Wrap Design

By January 11, 2016Vehicle Wraps


When it comes to designing vehicle wraps, a lot of clients say,“You guys are the experts, just make it look good!”  Even though most designers appreciate the ego boost as well as having free reign on the design, there should be much more to the discussion and the discussion should continue as proofs are being sent over for feedback. Below are some important considerations to guide this discussion.

CheckmarkDo make sure the wrap design emphasizes your logo

The wrap should be designed in a way that draws the eye to the logo so that there’s no questioning which company is being advertised. Make sure the logo has a stark contrast in color to background elements otherwise it could be lost in a sea of color. Also make sure the logo is prominently scaled up and front and center on the sides and rear of the vehicle, your most visible areas. Lastly, everything on the wrap should be consistent with the logo as far as its colors, fonts, and patterns.

X'sDon’t lose your point in a sea of information

When it comes to company information on your vehicle wrap, less is more. The last thing passers bys need is a reading assignment. Make sure that your key elements are included such as your logo, your phone number, and your website and this should be enough to make an impression when designed properly. Remember you want the viewer to be intrigued enough to learn more on their own and know exactly where to go to to do so.

CheckmarkDo make it an effective advertising piece

It is important to keep in mind that this wrap will not just be an art piece but an advertising piece. What’s the difference? An advertising piece has a clear objective in regards to the target audience and emphasizes certain elements according to that objective. So if a lot of people notice your wrapped vehicle and even admire it, that does not necessarily mean they will remember who you are and what you do, let alone take action.   

X'sDon’t use a dated logo

Your wrap design can only be as strong as your logo. Make sure that your logo is fully up-to-date and you are completely satisfied with where it’s at visually because it will be prominently displayed on your vehicles for years to come. Also as already explained it will be one of the key impression points on your wrap, and you want it to be memorable, professional, and instill trust in the viewer. If your logo looks old, cheesy, sloppy, or just plain ugly then your company will look out of touch and not relevant in today’s market.

CheckmarkDo have a call to action on your wrap

Going back to the objective of your vehicle wrap, it is necessary to determine which behavior in the target viewer you want to incite. Almost always it is to have the viewer purchase your product or service. Therefore, the call to action should be crafted in a way that reflects the most practical and straight-forward way for them to do this. For example, if most of your sales take place on your website then you want to enthusiastically invite them to visit your website.

X'sDon’t use low quality photos in your wrap

Perhaps you would like to use your own photography in your wrap. For example, if you are a catering company, you might have enticing photos of delicious dishes you would like to be known for. Now this is not as simple as simply taking a picture with your phone because once that picture is scaled up, printed, and placed on the side of your vehicle, it will look very blurry and bland. Therefore you need to either use stock photography or professional photography, both of which should be provided by the design team.

Many design companies can draw a pretty picture but do they see the big picture? These basic guidelines are perfect in helping you find out which wrap company understands the principles of design AND advertising and this is the wrap company you want to work with. 

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