I Just Wrapped My Vehicle…Now What?

By March 21, 2016Vehicle Wraps

Now-What-BannerSo we have been ranting and raving about what vehicle wraps in Phoenix can do for your company for many years now. We have read the research on vehicle wraps, and have seen them work for our clients as well as our own company. 

As a result, many businesses big and small have caught this vision of how vehicle wraps can rapidly spread their brand presence and have come to us to make this happen. But when picking up their beautiful newly wrapped vehicle, they ask “Okay, so now what?”

This can be broken down into two different questions:

What can I do to make sure my wrap lasts?

What can I do to make sure my wrap is seen by as many people as possible?

The first question is easily answered by reading 3M’s guide to vehicle wrap care found here.

The second question is a little more complex and goes back to a more fundamental question which is “What is my marketing plan and how does vehicle advertising fit into it?”

Now some might be thinking, “Why overthink it? Just drive around the wrapped vehicle and you will be seen”…and this is absolutely true.

But now that you have a very powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal, you want to make sure to take aim at some big opportunities.

cortezeventsetupFor instance, you can now look for upcoming events near and far related to your industry where you can show off your wrapped vehicle. Park it next to a tent or booth that also has your branding on it and you are guaranteed to get more attention and interest than anyone else there. We’ve tried it!

We have even had clients go to events totally unrelated to their industry but are sure to be filled with their target demo. Don’t know who your target demo is? Find out! And while you’re at it ask them what they are up to this weekend and pull up on the scene with your wrapped vehicle packed to the brim with business cards and pamphlets.

So now that you have your weekend advertising covered what about Monday-Friday?

Ace-ParketingWell if the vehicle isn’t out in the field all day (also important), then make sure to park it in a very inconspicuous spot so people can find your location easily and anyone passing by will see it. This is called Marketing and is where vehicle wraps really prove their worth.

So remember, marketing is about thinking outside the box and going above and beyond what your competition is doing and vehicle wraps are no exception. We got the design and wrap part covered, you just gotta get out there and showcase it!

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